Privacy Policy

S4KMedia is committed to protecting your privacy and safety online. We encourage your parents to check and monitor your online activities, and we urge you to ask your parent’s or guardian’s permission before giving personal information to any web site. In addition, we protect your privacy by not posting any personal information, such as a full name or an email address. This policy also explains the types of information we gather and how they are used. We protect the privacy of Kids using our Safety4Kids™ and SeeMore’s Playhouse™ Web Sites according to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)–the law that protects your online privacy–and the guidelines of the Children’s Advertising Review Unit of the Council of Better Business Bureaus. S4KMedia limits the collection of personal information from kids. For example, S4KMedia does not ask for names or phone numbers and will not post, sell, rent, or trade personal information to third parties. We Do Not Collect Information from Children. S4KMedia does not collect information from children except when we are directly contacted by a child through our “Contact Us” form. In this case we maintain name and email address only for the period of time in which an interchange of communications is ongoing. Parents: You should know that COPPA prohibits children’s sites from requiring kids to provide any information other than what is reasonably necessary for participation in activities. Use of Cookies. Passive Data Collection Cookies are small data files; your browser may place a cookie on your computer when you visit a Web site to mark that you’ve been to that location. S4KMedia views only the cookies that are set by our site, and they do not provide us with any personal information. These cookies help us collect aggregate data about the number of visitors to our site, how long the visitors stay, and which features and activities are used the most often. Cookies also help us determine general information about the types of computers, browsers, and operating systems that are used to view our site. That way, we can make sure the technology we use successfully allows users to view our features. You may choose to set up your browser to refuse cookies or to alert you when cookies are sent. But if you don’t have an S4KMedia cookie, it may limit our ability to customize and improve our features. See our full cookie policy here.

The Sites have been developed and are maintained by S4KMedia in its offices in Stamford, CT, USA. All claims relating to this site shall be governed by the law of the State of Connecticut. Remember, you should always ask your parent or guardian before using any web site or sending any information, especially personal information.