S4K will donate 10% of all purchases to support American Red Cross Disaster Relief.

The Red Cross on SeeMore’s Playhouse™

In it’s second year of television production, SeeMore’s Playhouse highlights
charming puppets, including the Red Cross’ own “Shell B Ready” and catchy songs in each episode to deliver a broad range of valuable safety, preparedness and wellness information to children primarily between the ages of two to seven. The ever-popular “knock-knock joke time” segment features celebrities in every episode including the Red Cross’ own Celebrity Cabinet Member, Bradley Whitford. “SeeMore’s Playhouse is a wonderful platform to talk to children about safety and preparedness,” said Darlene Sparks Washington, Director of Preparedness at the American Red Cross. “By keeping it entertaining and fun, we help children learn about lifesaving information in an environment that appeals to them specifically. We are so grateful to Safety4Kids for providing us with this amazing public education opportunity and for supporting the work of the Red Cross.”

S4K’s Mission: Children’s Safety and Wellness

S4K Media LLC is the first integrated, global multimedia brand whose primary focus is to promote the safety and wellness of children through quality entertainment and products.

The country—and the World—is more focused on children’s safety than ever before. With crises in children’s health and preventable accidents receiving more and more attention, the time is right for a company like S4K to uniquely cater to these growing concerns. Just as Sesame Street seized upon a surge in national concern for children’s literacy and education—when it ascended to the stage of children’s education nearly three decades ago—S4K is uniquely poised today to address and help solve the growing national concern by parents and educators on the issues of children’s safety and wellness. S4K is building—through partnerships with Hearst, The Red Cross, Major League Soccer, WebMD and S4K’s corporate sponsors and alliance partners—an internationally recognized brand that will become synonymous with children’s safety.

It is estimated that 90% of all children’s accidental deaths and injuries can be avoided with proper education and supervision—which is why addressing the current state of American children’s health and safety is more important than ever: Some 30 million children pay visits to emergency facilities and emergency rooms in the United State every year. Equally troubling are statistics on the current state of American children’s weight, with 10-15% of children and adolescents overweight. S4K is developing entertaining content for children that provides vital safety information for both parents and children alike.

S4K’s two time Emmy Award winning  series, SeeMore’s Playhouse™, was designed to help children under seven learn and practice critical safety concepts while enjoying laugh-out loud fun.